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Today, staying compliant can be difficult, especially when dealing with policies like the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Employers and company admins are looking for a solution that reduces the risk of penalties and that doesn't require a lot of work.  Companies are also looking for legal advice on how to approach questions or roadblocks that come their way, whether it's ACA, FMLA, disability, or something else.  Having a technology solution means you have the ability to adapt to the changing compliance needs of your company.

How it works with Stock Insurance & Ease

EaseCentral's compliance capabilities offer your company simple solutions to prevent penalties and fees.  Our ACA module helps track and measure variable hour employees, calculate affordability, and deliver and track required notifications. You can manage and track federal deadlines for ACA reporting and access signature ready IRS forms.

Here are details on the ACA module features:

  • The ability to verify ACA compliance throughout the year with one easy to use dashboard.

  • ACA Compliance features automatically calculated based on your benefits data.

  • Track and manage variable hour employees.

  • Affordability testing to ensure that health care coverage offered meets the minimum guidelines for affordability.

  • Generate and download e-file 1094c and 1095c IRS forms.

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