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Online Enrollment & Benefits Administration

Eliminating paper enrollment and moving online enables your company to simplify enrollment, increase engagement, and gain visibility into the enrollment progress.  With Stock Insurance Services and our enrollment technology through Ease, you can save time by eliminating paper forms and reducing errors while staying on top of enrollment status 24/7.  We provide this service at no cost to you.

Online Enrollment

We can build your company benefits website in 48 hours:  

  •  Employees can compare plans side-by-side and view the cost per pay period.

  •  Employees elect and e-sign eliminating paperwork and can view all details throughout the plan year.

  •  Enroll with mobile, computer or tablet; even with our mobile app.

  •  Dashboards and reports help HR stay up to date on enrollment progress and allows you to send an email to those who
     haven't started enrollment.

  •  Quickly generate custom reports, billing reconciliation, payroll deductions and more.

  •  Free training and access to a support team. 

Benefits Administration

  • EDI for small and large groups can save time and eliminate errors.

  • Quickly determine who is eligible for what plans with a rules based system so employees only see plans there eligible for.

  • Stay on top of enrollment progress by viewing a progress dashboard and emailing employees in an incomplete status directly from the system.

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