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Payroll Integration

There are a lot of reasons to integrate payroll with HR, benefits, and onboarding.  First, benefits and onboarding impact payroll.  Companies are looking for a fully integrated system to allow changes to be made one time and have information sync across systems.


If an employee with payroll integration has a benefit adjustment, the change would flow to the employee's payroll.  You may already like your payroll provider and don't want to switch- that is ok!  Some companies can integrate with our system such as ADP, TRAXPayroll or Paylocity. 

How it works with Stock Insurance & Ease


We offer robust payroll integrations with leaders like ADP, TRAXPayroll, and Paylocity which provide solutions such as:

  •      One system of record, so all HR services are in sync: benefits, online enrollment, and onboarding

  •      Mobile paystubs with TRAXPayroll

  •      Any benefit change automatically communicated to your payroll providers.  Changes also can be processed at any time, and in the        appropriate pay period.

  •      New employees set up with your payroll provider will automatically flow to our benefit system.

  •      With EaseCentral's payroll API, any payroll provider can be integrated.

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