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HRIS with Stock Insurance & Ease allows you to do more than just benefits and on boarding with HRIS services.  There isn't a separate login, just one system to simplify your HR needs.  HRIS provides an easy way to approve and request time-off, and track how much paid time-off is remaining per employee.  It is part of that one solution you have been looking for.  This value added service is provided free to all of our customers.

Time-Off Tracking


Setup holiday, manage PTO policies and track time off requests.  Employees can request time off and managers can approve on the go, perfect for your busy schedule.

     -PTO requests & approval

     -Manager approval notice

     -Calendar sync

     -Customizable PTO policies

     -Payroll sync integration

Performance Reviews

Create custom performance reviews.  Once created you can save performance review templates and share them with other managers within your organization.  

Employee Events / Company Directory

One complete directory for employee contact information.  View or search by name, location, and department.  No setup required.  Never miss a birthday or work anniversary again.

Company Stats

Company executives and HR admins can make better decisions with visualized HR stats, including employee growth, company diversity and more.

This includes your company organization charts and view how teams are structured.


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